UCI Continental Team

Ansel Dickey

" I play the Banjo and absolutely love to fly fish."

Cameron Beard

Favorite race you've done: Course de la Paix Result you are most proud of: 6th ...

Cooper (Coop) Willsey

"I like getting rad anywhere and everywhere."

Cory Small

"I'm very interested in environmental policy."

Jake Sitler

"You can always go harder"

John Harris

I'm a bit of a renaissance man, and appreciate the hidden skill displayed in "artless art".

Nate Morse

hometown/state: Cohasset, MA date of birth: 01/17/1995

Noah "Birdman" Granigan

"I like to ski in the off-season, both alpine and Nordic."

Patrick Collins

"I'm interested in climate change science and policy"

Sam Rosenholtz

"I am a professional photographer as a non-superhero-spandex day job."

Spencer Petrov

" I love to eat food, cutting back for “race weight” is not in my plan."


Ian Clarke

"I love to fly planes."

Wyatt Goral

"I used to play Ice Hockey for the first 12 years of my life."