UCI Continental

Ansel Dickey

" I play the Banjo and absolutely love to fly fish."

Cameron Beard

Favorite race you've done: Course de la Paix Result you are most proud of: 6th ...

Cooper (Coop) Willsey

"I like getting rad anywhere and everywhere."

Cory Small

"I'm very interested in environmental policy."

Jake Sitler

"You can always go harder"

John Harris

I'm a bit of a renaissance man, and appreciate the hidden skill displayed in "artless art".

Nate Morse

hometown/state: Cohasset, MA date of birth: 01/17/1995

Noah "Birdman" Granigan

"I like to ski in the off-season, both alpine and Nordic."

Patrick Collins

"I'm interested in climate change science and policy"

Sam Rosenholtz

"I am a professional photographer as a non-superhero-spandex day job."

Spencer Petrov

" I love to eat food, cutting back for “race weight” is not in my plan."